Is Leo Your Moon Sign? Know Interesting Facts About Your Personality!

You know you’re a Leo if you always steal the show or wait, there’s another way to describe you, you are life of the party! Hell yeah, you are! For Leos, less is never more as they always prefer VIP treatment from everyone (after all Lions are the “King of the jungle”).

Well, if you’re born under the moon sign, Leo, you probably know how much pride and swag you carry along with your attractive personality. You’re blushing, right?

According to various experienced Vedic astrologers in India, people born under Leo moon sign are extremely loyal and devoted to their loved ones. You can know your moon sign by referring to your natal chart. It has also been said that Leos are “Leaders by birth” and once they have their eyes on something they get it.

Leos know what they want and are not afraid to get their hands on something they so ardently desire. Haters may hate but Leos are always gonna “shine bright like a diamond” (quoting Rihanna’s song Diamond). Wanna impress a Leo? Feel free to give them honest compliments and your undivided attention because Leos are suckers for being appreciated and wanted!

The Leos are ruled by the Sun so there’s no lack of passion and energy in them. Leos are positive and as bright as their ruling star, Sun and want people to be at their beck and call. You know you’re a Leo if you’re popular and a complete diva! People may call us cocky and boastful but it’s just our swag so you better get used to it, folks.

If you are a person who is courageous, adventurous, independent, brutally honest, childish, over-dramatic, entertaining, and love luxurious things, congratulations, you’re a Leo! Now’s the time to reveal Leo’s hushed secret. Dear Leos, answer me, as a Leo you have always wanted people to worship the grounds you walk on, isn’t it?

Leos make amazing lovers as they know how to pamper and love their significant other both in bed and outside the bed! As a Leo, there’s nothing that you would not do for your sweetheart and you expect the same dedication from them in return. Leos do everything perfectly, including sex and when it comes to emotions lunar Leons have the most intense ones.

The only bad thing about you is that you love to be in control of everything and always crave for approval and attention. If you would like to get your birth chart analysis report, avail it from Vedic Astrologer India.

Fundamental Differences Between Western And Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology has been a part of the Indian society for centuries, which earlier was used to be known as Hindu astrology. It is the western astrology that is relatively new than Vedic astrology and although there are a lot of similarities in them, as said by Vedic astrologers, there are also a lot of differences too.


The basic difference between Vedic and western astrology is their choice of zodiac system. In western astrology, the zodiac system which is also known as the tropical zodiac has twelve signs which are determined with respect to Earth’s orbit around the Sun. When the sun is across the equator, which means it is going towards the north in the spring it defines Aries. When it is going towards the south in the fall, it indicates the beginning of Libra.


Sidereal Zodiac, which is based upon the physical positions of the constellations in the sky is used by Vedic astrologers. A starting point is chosen. The beginning of Aries is decided as most commonly the place in the sky opposite to Spica and then proceed in equal 30-degree segments for subsequent signs.

House System

In western astrology, the house system is not Vedic. In this, the degree of the Ascendant as the beginning of the First House is placed and then subsequently it is followed by either unequally- or equally-sized houses.


On the other hand, in Vedic astrology Whole Sign Houses is used, where the Ascendant can fall anywhere in the First House, and each house comprises all of one sign. Many Vedic astrologers also use Bhava/Shri Pati houses for a portion of their work.

Planets and Sign ruler ships

All the major planets including Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are used in Western astrology. Most attribute ruler ship of Aquarius to Uranus, Pisces to Neptune, and Scorpio to Pluto is also used by astrologers. Also, planets in signs are used extensively in Western astrology as the major definer of the expression of a planet.


Vedic astrologers, whereas uses only the planets that are visible. Those through Saturn, use the traditional ruler ships, of Aquarius to Saturn, Pisces to Jupiter, and Scorpio to Mars. Signs are used differently in Vedic astrology.

There is no right and wrong or good and bad in astrology. If you like to follow the rules of Vedic astrology that doesn’t mean you can’t follow western astrology. If you believe in western astrology that also doesn’t mean that you can’t believe in Vedic astrology. As per Vedic Astrologer India, you can consult or believe in any one of them or both of them as you want.

Characteristics Of The Third Star In Vedic Astrology: Krittika Nakshatra

The third star in the Nakshatras is the Krittika nakshatra. As per Vedic astrologers in India, it is also known as The Cutter. The ruling god of Krittika is “Agni” which is the source of power and energy. Krittika is ruled by the Sun. Being the ruling god Agni, it has the power of burning all the negativity and brings purity and positivity. The male and female born under this star has quite common characteristics. Today we are going to discuss the features of people born under this star.

Krittika- Male Characteristics

Men of this star tend to be quite famous. He is intelligent, can learn quickly, he carries knowledge in everything. Being the ruler of the Sun he makes great leadership. Generally, they give good and useful advice to people who need. They are great in friendship, always seems loyal, supportive and helpful to their friends. Most of them are compassionate to every person they meet. Through that, they can easily earn respect and love to achieve their goals.

Profession For Him

It’s depending on the position of the planets regarding his birth chart, but astrologers found some of the most common professions they generally tend to achieve in. Krittika born male usually goes far from home to work and settlement. They are great in business without partnership. They also tend to receive a great achievement from the government sector. They are successful in creating. Krittika male is very creative in life. Sometimes they make creativity as their profession. Some of these creative professions are musician, actor, writer, etc.

Krittika- Female Characteristics

Though the female native of the Krittika Nakshatra is not emotionless, she will not succumb to the emotional blackmail of others. She is strong from within, which some people misinterpret as arrogance, because of which she has to suffer. The female Krittika like the male is always famous within their group, self-motivated, bright, has strong appetites likes food, determined achiever, goal-oriented, goes for what they want, confident, courageous, straightforward, and has peaceful nature.

Profession For Her

Not many of these native females are educated enough to get a job, so they end up being housewives. She may also earn her living as a labourer, in the agriculture or construction fields. When she is educated, however, she may work as an administrative officer, teacher, doctor or even as an engineer.

As per Vedic astrologers in India Krittika is one of the ‘pure’ nakshatras as these characteristics already suggest.

Know Everything You Need To Know About Dashamsha And D-10 Chart

Astrology is something that can be availed by everyone and is a part of our life one way or another. Similarly, so is our profession and our career. There are so many risks when it comes to our life and career and everyone vies for a bit of security that will let us know that our future is going to be okay. This is where the Dashamsha or the D-10 chart comes in. The Vedic astrologers in India say that anyone can read their Dashamsha by themselves. All you need is a bit of education on that matter.

There are two parts to knowing about your career. First is selecting the most suitable profession for yourself and the second part is selecting the most suitable timing for career growth. It is common to feel confused about your career path. Your Dashamsha will be helpful in such a situation. It can tell what Career you will have and what Career Choice will give you the most growth. If we give effort in the correct direction at the correct time, the possibility of success increases manifold.

Dashamsha f

Often it happens that even after trying for a government job or civil services several times, some people don’t succeed. In such cases, it would be helpful to know beforehand whether what we are chasing after, we will get or not. A lot of people waste some major time in their life this way. Knowing your Dashamsha during this time can be very helpful.

In order to see your Dashamsha or D-10 chart, all you would need to know is the Lagna of your birth, the Lagna lord, and dasha. There are a total of 10 lords in Dashamsha. Each lord has a different meaning when combined with one’s Lagna. You can know which profession or business will be best for you. You can also find what kind of life you will lead according to your D-10 chart.

Dashamsha f f

But you must be thinking that only an astrologer will be able to tell you all of this. Not at all. Now you can learn them yourself with the help of a Dashamsha workshop. You can know more about Prospects in Profession and Job, Importance of Lagna and Lagna Lord, 10th Lord in different Houses, Rise and Fall in Profession.

For this, you are welcome to join the Dashamsha workshop available both in English and Hindi online on the 2nd and 3rd of November. This course is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced provided by Anuradha Sharda and taught by Mr. VP Goel who are well renowned Vedic Astrologers in India.

Which Zodiac Sign Attracts What Health Conditions- Volume 2

We have already discussed what is medical astrology in our previous part. So, let’s continue with the remaining 7 zodiac signs and the prominent health issue they are likely to have.

6. Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September)



Binge eating is a common habit among Virgo, despite the fact they try to be super health conscious. This often leads to stomach irritation and ulcers. Vedic astrologers advise such individuals to indulge in healthy eating habits with more wisely chosen diet items and timings.

7. Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)


Kidney and Bladder Issues

Libra is represented as a beam balance, with 2 elements. Similarly, their health issues focus between 2 elements as well- kidneys and the bladder. It is crucial to keep a balance between these two on an everyday basis, to attain a healthy life ahead. Drinking adequate water is highly helpful in this regard, but in case any irritating symptoms persist, it is best to seek a medical optional as well.

8. Scorpio (23rd October – 21st November)



Scorpio is the element of water and ironically lack of adequate water is the main health concern for this zodiac sign. Dehydration is something we all suffer from, during summers, but it hits hardest for the scorpions out there. Drinking plenty of water is an easy solution to avoid it along with stating energetic and healthy.

9. Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December)



Having backaches is something that the very common among people involved in desk jobs. But Sagittarius is more prone to have backaches and other back related issues. Mild massage from time to time and practising yoga is a good way to deal with persistent issues.

10. Capricorn ( 22nd December – 19th January)


Knee and Joint Problems

Capricorns are full of life and energy and thus tends to do quite a lot more than their body can take, or at least their joints can take. It is quite crucial to adopt a healthier lifestyle and seek medical treatment for orthopedic joints if required.

11. Aquarius (20th January – 18th February)


Injuries and asthma

just like their element air, Aquarians are always on move. Thus it comes as no surprise they suffer from many injuries, particularly on hands and legs. Moreover, they are also prone to have asthma or other respiratory illnesses like an allergy. It is best to seek first aid and treatment on time, whenever required.

12. Pisces (19th February – 20th March)



Pisces denotes a pair of fishes, that swim tirelessly in water. People of this zodiac tend to catch a cold and flu way more frequently than natives of the other zodiacs. Pisceans need to address them as soon as they surface using home remedies because if they left it untreated for long

Staying disease-free is more like wishful thinking rather than a reality, but it is best to seek medical astrology chart to evaluate what precautions you need to follow to have a healthier life ahead. Thankfully, many expert Vedic astrologers can help with that effectively.

Which Zodiac Sign Attracts What Health Conditions – Volume One

Falling sick is an inevitable no matter how careful we try to be in our daily lives. Though several illnesses happen out of the blue due to negligence and several have genetic influence, it has been found that some illnesses affect certain people more than others. Vedic astrologer in India can help predict the same, based on natal charts and other elements. In fact, there is a separate , specialized branch that deals with it, called the medical astrology. Today, let’s list out the first 5 zodiacs and the medical issues that threatens their health.

1. Aries (21st March- 19th April)



Since the people of this zodiac are mostly hot-headed, it comes as no surprise that they suffer from head-related health issues too. Persistent or severe headaches along with migraines are the most common issues faced by the people of this zodiac. It is crucial that they learn to tame their anger and temperament so it does not affect their health too much.

2. Taurus ( 20th April – 19th May)


ENT Infections

the people belonging to this zodiac often deal with throat and nose irritation along with ear itchiness. Sometime they also might encounter jaw lock and still neck. It is best to have home remedies like herbal tea, honey ginger, etc. routinely to smoothen down the irritation, to tone it down significantly. Also doing light posture movement will help relieve the neck and jaws.

3. Gemini ( 20th May – 19th June)


Respiratory Issues

Gemini represents twins and thus, these individual often are well capable of doing tasks of 2 people single handled. This simply means Gemini tends to handle multiple projects or works simultaneously. While they often excel at what they do, often it brings a toll on their health. Thus, it is crucial to take time out of everyday life and breath it out. Doing some simple yoga is of great help as well.

4. Cancer ( 20th June – 22nd July)


Digestive Issues

People belonging to the zodiac cancer have impressive guts and it often comes with gut-related issues as well. The persistent digestive issue is very common among these people. Many researchers have found there is a strong connection between built up stress and digestive issue. Thus people of cancer zodiac should take extra measures to ensure they manage their stress well.

5. Leo (July 23 – 22nd August)


Intense Emotions

Though it might look like a minor thing to worry about, intense emotions can bring a toll to one’s health as well. However, as per Vedic astrologer practising medical astrology admits that intense, uncontrolled emotions, particularly heartache have been found to hamper the mental health as well.

We will be back soon with the health issues associated with the remaining 7 zodiacs in our next installment. Stay tuned with us.

5 Things To Know Before You Go For Tarot Reading

Tarot is the most effective and interesting way to define the future. Tarot is not a gospel of truth, instead, tarot cards will show you the right path and guide you to your entire journey.

Planning to go for a tarot reading? Here is what you need to keep in your mind before you go to your reading.

online tarot card reading course

1. Know How It Works:

If you are going for the first time reading, I will suggest you know how tarot works. Research tarot cards and get to know how it works. I have seen many people drawn into tarot reading after their first or second reading, and end up with getting tarot reading course.

Interesting, huh? Indeed! Tarot is interesting by the way.

2. You Should Trust Your Reader:

A clear and perfect interaction with your reader is most important for your answers. Asking questions and getting answers can only increase your confusion on your reading. To avoid that, you must be honest with your feelings and share all your problems with the reader. In that way, your reader will get a proper idea about your situation and can guide you better.

3. Be Prepared With Your Questions:

Settle your thoughts and sort out your questions more specifically. I know, you want to ask every question that comes in your mind, but tarot doesn’t work this way. Bring clarity in your questions and ask your reader to get the best answer.

4. Be Prepared For Clarifications:

A well-versed reader will do this! The reader will define you more than which you might have not asked, but you have to bare with your reader. Because everything is interlinked with another and your reader will not skip any single part of it. And in the end, you must need clarifications to know more about your reading.

5. Be Positive:

You should stay positive while getting your reading. Tarot session will fill you with loads of positive energy. The more you will stay positive, the more you will feel positive with your body and mind.

6. Try To Connect With The Cards:

You will find your answers more perfect and accurate when you connect your mind with the cards. Try to listen to what the card is telling you, you will find most of your answers by only connecting to the cards.

Getting attached to the cards? Get a online tarot reading course If you feel interested in this part. There is nothing wrong to know the unknown and you should prioritise your interest first. Good Luck!


7 Ultimate Personality Traits Of Taurus

All Taurean, get ready for your month because Taurus season is coming. According to Vedic astrologers, people are born between the dates of April 21- May 21 is referred to as Taurus. So, are you ready to wish your stubborn, strong and loyal Taurus friend?

Zodiac sign reveals a lot about a person’s personality and characteristics. You don’t need to be astrological experts to understand the traits. To know your Taurus friend more accurately, we have gathered some traits about them for you.

Taurus is generally very strong character, very resilient. Taurus means bull. They have an attitude like a bull and also stubborn and strong like bull. If you are also a Taurean, then you must be thinking the same with us. Let’s identify more about the zodiac sign Taurus.

1. A Charming Personality:

You are extremely social and friendly, and that makes you a very charming in character. You will do anything for what you want, being a charming person you always get that.

2. Determined In Everything:

You are the opposite of irrationality and instability. You want to stay in a fixed position to do your task in your way. Overall, you believe certain things need to be done in a certain way.

3. Taureans Don’t Take Crap:

Crappy people make you aggressive and it won’t take you long to fire back without any hesitation.

4. Independent & Self Reliant:

You do not like to depend on others. You are independent and you do your work without depending on anybody. You are a go-getter.

5. A Loyal Friend:

It is very difficult to earn your trust at first. When someone earned it, you’ll be loyal to them until the end. You are the friend that everybody looks for.

6. A Stubborn Creature:

This is also a negative side of Taurean. Sometimes you are so stubborn, no one can change your mind. You always believe what you are doing is right. Someone needs to work very hard to change your mind.

7. You Will Do Anything For Love:

You have a caring and compassionate side, that no one knows. And it only brings to light when you truly care for someone. You will go head over heels for your loved one, family or friends.

Zodiac signs may help you to know about the person, but Vedic astrologer believe if you want to know more specific about the person you need to look on their Nakshatra details.

The Second star in Astrology ‘Bharani Nakshatra’- Characteristics, Native Points

In the lunar constellation, Bharani Nakshatra is comprised of three Arieties. It is the second Nakshatra in Vedic astrology. The ruling planet of the star is Venus (Shukra). According to Vedic astrologers, being born under the Nakshatra natives are tend to be very energetic, passionate, and a ruler. The symbol of the star is ‘Yoni’ or female sexual organ, which define sexuality and creativity.

General characteristics of Bharani Nakshatra are very enthusiastic, energetic, strong, honest, loyal, aggressive, arrogant and successful in professional life.

Symbol: Yoni or female sexual organ.

Planet: Venus

Animal symbol: The Elephant

Deity: Yama, The god of death

Quality: Fierce

Element: Earth

Gana: Manushya (human)

Zodiac: Aries (Mesha)

Bharani Nakshatra Translation: caring, supportive, cherishing

Guna: Rajas

Shakti: Apabharani shakti

Essential oil: Cistus oil

Mudra: Yoni mudra

Persons born under this star holding different qualities. Let’s find about the qualities of female and male characters.

Bharani Male Characteristics:

Generally, males born under this star seem to have a large forehead, bright eyes, and properly sorted teeth, and fair. Bharani males appeared with very strong character. People love to have them, around them. They also tend to very positive and fill others with their positiveness. They are straightforward. No matter how many people and whoever is gathered around them, they don’t bother about speaking their mind and the truth. Born under this star males are very creative, artistic and love to do spontaneous activities. They are very forgiving if anyone seriously wants their forgiveness.

Profession For Male:

They are good in any kind of profession. They likely to fit in any art-related profession, administrative work, in advertising, business, and sports.

Bharani Female Characteristics:

They appear as beautiful, bold and impulsive. They don’t like to boss around by anyone and do what they like to do. She has a pure heart. She respects elders and very independent.

Professions For Her:

She can be very well sportswoman. She will always tend to make money on her own, and will never wait for opportunities comes to her. She will hunt for the opportunities.

Each Nakshatra has different features. To know about each star more precisely, Predictive Nakshatra course is the best way to define the nakshatras in more details.

The Water-Bearer ‘Aquarius’

Is your birthday falls from 20th January to 18th February? Then you’re an Aquarian!

Wishing a very happy birthday to all Aquarians. This month is dedicated to Aquarius. Let’s talk about Aquarius nature and characteristics.

According to Vedic Astrolgeors, Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. This air sign is totally a freedom lover, intelligent, attractive personality with a positive sense of humor where you can’t help yourself but laugh. There are also positive and negative traits of this sign. Wondering how can they hold negative traits being so human? All have negative and positive traits according to their zodiac.

Let’s see what we find about Aquarius-

They accept people:

The way they accept people are different from others. Like they always see the best thing in yourself and will always motivate you to do more even if you’re the worst. They know you have the quality in yourself somehow, and will try to pullout from you. So, be ready with a second chance. This is one of the best qualities of every Aquarian.

They are great listeners and advisors:

Aquarians will be there for you when you need them most. They will be a great listener for you and end up with valuable pieces of advice. The advice you can’t deny!


If you’re with an Aquarius and trying to know them better, we bet you can’t do it at once. Because they seem a mystery to people. They are only open to people who are close to them. Maybe they go through a lot in their mind, are you able to know it all?

A smart one, too:

They always believe in ‘Smartness is the new hotness’. They are smart people and have the ability to learn quickly. They are also very intelligent and love intellectual stimulation.

They live in the music world:

Music is important for them, they always put their headphones on wherever they go.

The Loyal one:

Always loyal to their friends and loved one. They are quite popular amongst people for this trait.

Here come the worst traits:

Unpredictable: They seem unpredictable sometimes. Like their mind always running with various thoughts, it is unsure of them what they will do next.

Of course, they lose control: Although they are cool people, but the out of hand situation can make them angry. If you nudge them continuously, which one they want to avoid, they will lose control and show their temper. It can lead to a serious incident.

An overthinker always: They tend to overthink. Because of overthinking, sometimes they lose a good chance on a thing. Thinking about something is great, but overthinking? Aquarian may have to change.

They are easily misunderstood: They easily misunderstood by people for their unusual way of caring nature. This is the way of showing they care for you.

These are all basic qualities of Aquarius. If you want to know more about your zodiac sign in details, contact Vedic Astrologer near you.